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About Millie's Manatee Pledge

A lot of people love manatees (including me, Millie) — they’re cute, curious, and extremely friendly, making them super popular. What people don’t realize is that these cuties are endangered. That means that they are in danger of becoming extinct. Some of the challenges facing manatees today are being injured and killed by boat propellers and drowning in “ghost nets”, or fisherman nets that appear out of nowhere. But there are many ways you can help prevent the extinction of the manatee!!!!!

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Here are some simple ways you can help:

Make a Donation

Donate to a manatee protection group, animal conservation center or zoo. You can even adopt a Manatee - I did!
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The more you know, the better you can answer someones questions about manatees. Learn about their environments, habits and even the foods they eat.
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Spread the Word!

Spread the word about manatees through social media, flyers, or simply by speaking up and using your voice!

Facts About Manatees

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really think manatees are cool:)

Keep scrolling to learn some fun facts about these cuties!

Manatee's are very playful. In fact, I read a blog on Ocean Conservancy (9 Reasons You Can’t Help but Love Manatees) that stated, “Manatees might move slowly, but they’re one of the most playful creatures we know!”

Manatees love barrel rolls!

Manatees love to body surf!

Manatee moms play with their babies, similar to how a human mom would play with her child!

Manatees are great moms! Flip the cards below to see just how great they are.​

They feed their babies milk from under their flippers.

They teach their babies what to eat.

They stay with their babies for 2 years, teaching them the ways of the manatee.

They protect their babies from what little danger they have.

Manatees are very interesting creatures.
Here are five additional and interesting facts about them!

Manatees are smart; they have learned to stop at underwater targets, respond to whistles and to distinguish between various objects, sounds and colors.

West Indian Manatees aren't from India. They're from the USA!

Christopher Columbus mistook manatees for a woman with a fish tail, advancing the legend of sirens and mermaids.

Manatees are closely related to elephants.

Manatees are hunted illegally by poachers and sold in the black market.

Test Your Knowledge!

As you have learned, manatees are quite playful and love games, so let’s play some games about manatees!

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Healthy or Not!

Move the words below into one of the two categories and see if you know what is healthy for a manatee and what is not.

Press the "Check" button at the bottom to see how you did!

Manatee Memory Game

Manatees have great memories, so test yours to see how you do! Match all of the cards below by clicking on each card to flip. If you do not made a match, simply click another card for another turn. Play by yourself, or with a friend!


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Research & Resources

It’s important to share factual information, especially if you want someone to trust you and help you spread your message. Below are some good sources for information on manatees:

You can also stop in to your local library and find books and articles about the manatee. The World Book Encyclopedia is a great resource too, and is usually available in the children’s section of your local library.